July 13, 2013 group show "DOPPLER" at Parallel Art Space, New York, till August 18

An exhibition featuring works that visually question or crush the illusion of difference between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional space

The exhibition title refers to the Doppler Effect, or the relativity of sound wave frequency in relation to an observer. Many of these works trigger a relational reaction, a synesthetic response or a wobbly eye. The chosen artists have created works that straddle an unmapped space where static objects move and shift, triggering simultaneous sensory readings. Originally developed to accompany STOP & GO 3_D, a stop-motion animation festival curated by Sarah Klein, Doppler Stop (the original iteration of the show) included 19 artists and traveled through Europe and Croatia in spring and summer 2012. DOPPLER features 22 artists living in the US and Europe