Thursday, March 5, 2013 opening "HEALING COLOURS AND INFINITY"- at Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney, Australia

Edgar Diehl’s relief paintings, sculptures or objects, depend on one’s perspective. The works are in the first instance closely related to
cubist painting, secondly to early constructivist art, thirdly to concrete painting and fourthly to Op Art.
The objects by Edgar Diehl make use of actual bends and folds in the image media: aluminium panels, mirrored on a vertical symmetrical
axis, are bent at numerous points, so they appear visually layers of surface segments variably distanced from the wall. These folds and
bends and gradations, mean that each surface shows a different angle to the wall.Therefore, the light breaks on them in different angles. Thus the relief consists of numerous surfaces and even thought the different
angles are painted with the same colour, they appear differently.

99 Crown Street, East Sydney, NSW 2010

 "HEALING COLOURS AND INFINITY"- exhibiton at Conny Dietzschold Gallery Sydney